At Hippy & Bloom we are all about time. Time to have fun together as a family, time for us to help capture the unique beauty that is your family and time to make sure you end up with pictures you are happy with and proud to hang on your wall. Others will quote a price associated with a strict time limit but that’s not us. Honesty is really important to us and our pricing and packages reflect this. With us there are no hidden costs – we are ultra clear and up front about what we offer.

Together, we specialise in Newborn Photography. We have been training with the amazing Julia Kelleher, a world renowned newborn photographer and recently we had the honour of travelling to the USA to work directly with Julia and perfect our skills. We are very excited to bring a fresh approach to newborn photoshoots here in Ireland! Our sessions are relaxing and not rushed. Parents have even been known to doze on the couch after their coffee and scones while we work away beside them with baby!

When it comes to family photoshoots, our combined skills help to bring you a unique experience and beautiful portraits. Bronwyn understands that your image is important – that you want to look your best in these pictures. She knows that you need time to get your hair and makeup right. Sharon wants to make sure that the images portray the authentic, real you. We want to encourage you to show the world who you really are and not just what you look like. So between us we help you look good and in a way that is totally true to yourself.

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