From the very earliest ages of time, when men first strode forth from their caves and dwellings in search of food…The cavemen would hunt their food and bring it back to the their families and tribes at which point they would realise they had no clue what to do with these cumbersome and complex creatures and as such, confounded by this it fell to the most intelligent, most respected and indeed most handsome of the tribe to step forward and unravel the complex mysteries held by these beasts…these were the first of a humble group of god like men which became known over time as Butchers.

These Butchers became renowned over the centuries as an affable, charming and charitable breed of whom only the best could aspire to become. It is following in the footsteps of these giants among men that we, messrs Anthony & Padraig Farrelly, have dedicated ourselves to continuing this great tradition with our Butcher shop located in the heart of Delgany.

We practice a simple philosophy of mixing traditional knowledge, master craftsmanship & local produce with constant innovation, outstanding quality & most of all a sense of humour.

We still slaughter our own sheep & cattle, including local organic animals, which Anthony (our resident hunter gatherer) selects each week from local farms.
We strive to provide meat of the utmost quality & flavour, local & Irish wherever possible which is butchered and treated with respect the way our father taught us.

Why not come visit us, we are located in the centre of Delgany’s bustling main street

Farrellys Butchers,

Main St,


Co. Wicklow

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