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Delgany Community CouncilDelgany Community Council

Delgany Community Council


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Featured Businesses

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Open Thursday-Sunday Nights with a Good Neighbour Menu!  Great Kids Menu !

Pigeon House Cafe at The Delgany !

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Horse and Hound Luxury Bed & BreakfastHorse and Hound Luxury Bed & BreakfastHorse and Hound B&B

 The Portrait Room:  Open at the Wicklow Arms!


The Heritage of Delgany Co. Wicklow

In 2016 Delgany Community Council, with financial assistance from the Heritage Council, commissioned Courtney Deery Heritage Consultants to undertake an archaeological, architectural and cultural survey of the village and its hinterland. Working with community representatives and using a variety of sources of information including local residents, former businesses, friends of Delgany along with Church records and data available through the National Library and National Archives, we are now delighted to make available for the first time, a comprehensive inventory of the rich archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage of Delgany Village.  The Heritage of DelganyThe Heritage of Delgany







The Delgany Community Council is an all-volunteer group of residents and businesses who work together to promote business, tourism and resident life in Delgany. 

Whether sponsoring a table quiz, clean-up day, or conducting tours and informational sessions around the village, the DCC is committed to working together to continue to welcome and establish Delgany as a destination village.  

The DCC has joined the County Wicklow Public Participation Network (CWPPN) and aspires to be an active member of the Wicklow Community on behalf of our residents.  The PPNs (Public Participation Networks) were developed in 2014 to give community and local groups voices and representation in County Wicklow.  Details of this group (CWPPN) can be found at

We have also been approved as a compliant Group A organisation with the Governance Code.  More details on that qualification can be found here.

 We welcome your input and participation.  Information regarding local schemes and development activities and Council correspondence are found on this part of the site.

 Feel free to write to the Council Chair at if you have issues or concerns you wish to raise with the council.  Or use the form on the Contact Us page!

Who is the Delgany Community Council?

As residents of Delgany, all of you are welcome to join and participate in the Delgany Community Council.  The following persons constitute the Executive Committee of the council and can be contacted directly:

Scott Golden, Chairperson,

Gareth Madden, Treasurer,

David Walsh, PRO/Events,

Web inquiries are welcome at


Delgany Community Council Purpose:  

From the current Constitution of the Delgany Community Council.  A full copy of the constitution can be found here.  


  1. The title of the organisation shall be the Delgany Community Council, referred to herein as the organisation and/or DCC.

Legal Structure and aims

  1. Delgany Community Council shall be a Voluntary, Unincorporated Association whose aims shall be to:

2.2.     Encourage and work towards the maintenance and betterment of Delgany village and its environs

2.3.     Foster a sense of inclusion, belonging and participation amongst all the residents of Delgany and the surrounding areas

2.4.     Preserve and protect the sites of historical interest in the Delgany area and environs

2.5.     Gather and record information relevant to local genealogy and local history and publish this information

2.6.     Be non political as an organisation

2.7.     Promote and/or provide community training & support services

2.8.     Actively promote awareness of and empower the community to take interest in our local community heritage and history

2.9.     Host talks on a range of relevant and related topics

2.10. Develop annual, or at such time that might be agreed by the committee, heritage events for Delgany village

2.11. Network with other groups, associations and societies

2.12. Use any funds or monies raised for voluntary, community based or charitable purposes not excluding requisite and appropriate expenditure of and by DCC of funds on providing for the proper and legitimate running of the organisation

Code of Governance

  1. The Delgany Community Council has signed up to the  Code of Practice for Good Governance of  Community, Voluntary and Charitable  Organisations in Ireland – Type A Organisations (version March 2012)

Membership and registration

  1. Membership is open to residents of Delgany village and its environs and is free of charge                                                                                                                

4.2.     Membership is by way of a completed registration form, available at any of the organisation’s regular meetings

The Committee

  1. The committee will consist of a minimum of 6 members as elected at the AGM of the organisation

5.2.     The period of office for each committee member will be three years

5.3.     At least three members of the outgoing committee shall be ex-officio members of the incoming committee for the purpose of continuity.  These places will be decided by the outgoing committee

5.4.     Any member of DCC may stand for election to the committee

5.5.     Ordinary members may be co-opted by the committee for a short term to help the committee with specific work.  These co-opted members will be non-voting members of the committee

5.6.     The committee shall elect from its members, at its first regular committee meeting following the AGM, the following officers:

5.6.1.  Chairman[1]

5.6.2.  Secretary

5.6.3.  Treasurer

5.6.4.  PRO/Communications

5.7.     The outgoing Chairman is, ex-officio, a member of the incoming committee

5.7.1.  The committee may also elect, from its members a:

5.7.2.  Vice Chairman

5.7.3.  Assistant Secretary

5.7.4.  Assistant Treasurer

5.8.     The committee shall meet at least six times a year and regularly at other times, as agreed.  The committee is responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with its aims and is properly managed.  All committee members are expected to attend meetings regularly

5.9.     The secretary shall send a copy of the minutes of committee meetings after each meeting to each committee member

[1]The term Chairman is interchangeable with Chairwoman as determined by the office-holder for the time being.





Abbots Leigh House, Delgany, Co. Wicklow.Abbots Leigh House, Delgany, Co. Wicklow.

Delgany Heritage Village

From the Old Burial Ground, Three Trouts Stream to Jacob's Ladder and Christ Church - there is a history around every turn of our incredible village! Click HERE for details and a downloadable heritage tour Map!

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