Community Plan for Delgany Village Blackberry Lane/Priory Road.

Notes; This plan is open to ongoing modification in accordance with the wishes of the local community and the county council.

The community plan must respect both the zoning and the long term objectives for the area as stated in the 2013-2019 Delgany Greystones and Kilcoole Local Area Plan. It must respect the privacy of adjacent private landowners, while allowing public access to the vast majority of the site which is zoned as “Open Space”. This is defined “to preserve, provide for and improve public and private open space”. “Uses generally appropriate for open space zoned land include tourism and recreational uses, community facilities, open space, sports grounds, public utilities, civic amenity and ancillary developments for open space uses in accordance with the County Development Plan.” Much of the site is also marked as “floodplain” on council maps.

As well as creating a public amenity, the plan should also facilitate better local pedestrian and cyclist “permeability” within the village area, in line with best planning practice. It is anticipated that the community plan can be implemented with a mixture of public and private funding.

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