A new way for the community to communicate!

A new Community website is being developed with the aim of bringing the community a little closer together and make it easier to see things that are happening in and around Delgany. The website is being developed by Kugler Design, a web design business located in Delgany, and operated by me, Aindreas Kugler 😀

What will the website contain?

The website will aim to encompass all that is Delgany, from the beautiful shops to our rich heritage, it will be a one-stop-shop for any information or happenings at our great village.

In list form this will include:

  • All the businesses in Delgany, such as Electricians, Plumbers, Shops, Butchers etc.
  • A news section where all news related to Delgany is posted
  • A section where information from the Garda relevant to Delgany is posted
  • A Forum where Delgany Residents can discuss all matters safely and securely
  • Information regarding the history and heritage of Delgany
  • A Calendar with all the events that take place in Delgany
  • Weather updates and information
  • A section for Scouts, Cubs and Ladybirds (let me know if I missed some)
  • Updates and information about the school
  • A place for the Delgany Community Committee to inform and communicate with the Delgany residents

If you find there is something missing or you have a suggestion, please let me know!