Delgany Tidy Towns are organising a number of clean-ups around the village on Sat & Sun 25th and 26th Sept 2021 and are looking for people to come out and help around the area they live in.  Due to Covid restrictions there will not be a central meeting point but instead there will be a number of smaller locations based around the different Zones.  Maps are provided on the website of the Tidy Towns zones (and are also attached to this email).

Meeting Points & Area Contacts:

Zone 1 The old Water-pump to the Old Delgany. Area leader: Sheena Gogarty. Meeting at the HSE Building

Zone 2 Priory Road Area leader: Sheena Gogarty. Meeting Style Bawn entrance.

Zone 3 Wicklow Arms to Carmelite Gates. Area leader: Lorraine Finn. Meeting at Carmelite entrance.

Zone 4 Church Road to Delgany NS. Area leaders; Zoe & David Woodward. Meeting at Llyods Garage.

Zone 5 Bellevue Road. Area leader; Gabriel Dooley. Meeting at HSE building.

Zone 6 Carmelite Gates to Chapel Road. Area leader; Lorraine Finn. Meeting at Carmelite entrance.

Zone 7 Glen Road to Barry’s Bridge. Area leader: Rona Barker. Meeting at Barry’s Bridge.

Zone 8 Delgany Woods to Killincarrig. Area leaders: Gerry Devlin meet entrance to Delgany Woods from Church Road

Zone 9 Blackberry Lane. Area leader: Eithne Dalby. Meeting at Three Trout Stream Bridge

Zone 10 Three Trout Stream. Area Leaders: Noel McMullan & Keith Scanlon meeting at bottom of Jacobs ladder (Glen Air)

People will be meeting on both the Saturday and Sunday from 10am-1pm. Please wear a face mask and gloves and bring any gardening tools that might be useful such as gloves, brushes, spades, hoes, secateurs etc.  People will be litter picking, sweeping footpaths and doing a big tidy-up.

The aim is to cover a large number of areas around Delgany so as many volunteers as possible are needed. You don’t need to commit to a full morning, anytime you have to spare would be great.  There are a number of areas where overgrowth and trimming is needed as well as litter collection, so all ages are welcome to come along and participate.

Everyone is welcome to come along and Delgany Tidy Towns would especially love to welcome new faces. Please note that people will be following Covid guidelines.

If you have any questions and want to help please email or visit