After lots of meeting, dropping into businesses, and spending days working on the website, it has finally reached the stage where it goes LIVE! This website has been developed by Aindreas Kugler from Kugler Design, a web design company located in Delgany, and has been provided free of charge.

This means the next stage of the website starts. Reach out to people who have their business listed in Delgany and mention to them that they can get a FREE listing! If you run a workshop from home or are a carpenter in Delgany or are any other kind of business,  contact me at Kugler Design and it will get added to the website. This also applies to any groups that operate out of the Delgany area, such as our Scout troop.

There are also several places of interest left to be added to the site. If you would like to see one get added to the site then feel free to message me at Kugler Design and I will get it added to the site.

What comes next?

The next stage of the website is to get as much information about all businesses, groups and locations in and around Delgany. This I expect will take a little time for the word to get around.

I will also be looking into creating the Forum section of the website, where people from Delgany can communicate to the community, and be sure that all responses are in fact also from people in the neighbourhood. There are several possibilities for achieving this and are currently being considered.

The goal of the website is that the Community can add information to the website, without having to contact me every time, but this will be on a restricted basis, such as only for adding events to the calendar. If you are in charge of a group and would like to add an event, contact me and we can look into getting you access to the system.

I hope you will all enjoy the website and find it useful!

Kind Regards,

Aindreas Kugler from Kugler Design